Vodburner is as familiar as it is efficient. This app has always been user-friendly on windows because that’s where it is compatible. It will not feel the same if users do not use this app to record their Skype calls. People who use this tool are as happy and confident as if there are no other recording apps in the market because of what it services to them. Meanwhile, the app supports both video and audio Skype calls, there are people who enjoy recording videos most instead of audio calls, and this is when the tool comes user-oriented at all the way.

The most exciting part of recording Skype calls with this app, is that users can choose to record only This Side or Other Side only depending on what you desire and it will as well display all the details such as time of when the call was commenced, but if you do not want them to be displayed on your windows PC, it is also possible to hide them for privacy purposes. One thing that i like about this app is, it can also show you recorded Skype notes on your computer, of which you can open at anytime and listen to. Thank third party developers for this recording app, where users are allowed to record both video and audio Skype calls in high quality.

Features of Vodburner

  • Users can record Skype voice notes, video calls as well as audio Skype calls with this tool, basically all types of calls you make, it will record.
  • It offers other interesting features including editing Skype video calls, personally, i like adding short texts on my files because it makes it easy for me to search for specific files in the future.
  • There are questions that keep on arising about this app for example, if this software can as well save Skype video calls with MP4/ WMV file format? And if it is free from virus, adware, spyware, and malware? The answer is definitely a yes; users will have a smooth ride with it.
  • Everything has its own beauty, but not everyone sees it, and so we are here to help you know other Vodburners features that make it more outstanding from the other Skype recorder apps such as, giving you the opportunity to record Skype calls freely and at the same time upload the recorded files on the internet for your colleagues and friends to watch.
  • If you want an app that has a small interface, it is Vodburner, make your Skype recording sessions fun and worthwhile by downloading this app which will not take a large space on your computer


  • It supports video & audio Skype call recording
  • It offers automatic and manual recordings
  • It records Skype notes perfectly


  • If you must record unlimited Skype conversations, the free trial version of Vodburner call recorder for Skype will of course not allow you to, since it is limited.

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