Supertintin is yet another program that lets people record their Skype calls. It is a fact beyond doubt that this app can record both video and audio Skype conversations, indeed with high-quality. it became the most one of the most powerful apps available as a result of its efforts, for example capturing Skype video calls as well as call planning etc. within this tool, there are two versions; The free trial version and the premium version. The free trial version is comprised of five minutes Skype call recording. This allows people to enjoy some of its privileges by recording for free for the short time. The premium version includes all the amazing features and also offers timeless Skype calls.

It is quite amazing that, you can record your Skype video calls in dissimilar modes for example Remote only or Side by Side etc. it should be noted that with this software, you have room to record Skype calls in whatever way you like. Precisely, this app has got a simple interface, it can be accessed at any time and everything is clear. Again on the app itself, it is well-designed, thus it makes it easy for all users to use it to record their Skype conversations.

How to use

  1. Download the tool on your computer
  2. Install it smoothly
  3. Launch Skype as you take a capture
  4. Select the capture zone.
  5. The tool will be all set now
  6. Make a Skype call
  7. The app will automatically begin to record the call
  8. The pause button there helps you to pause the call
  9. And the Stop button is for ending the recording
  10. Save the video in Mp4
  11. Then check your local disk to playback

Features of Supertintin

  • It is important to point out that, this app has two recording options. The Automatic and Manual recording, they both help to get our Skype calls recorded, but they work differently. Automatic recording works effortlessly, once you make a call, it starts to record automatically not until you stop the call. Manual recording cannot start to record without the user involving them, you have to start the record button, in order for the app to start recording.
  • While you record Skype calls with this app, it displays a pause/resume button which gives you the freedom we all desire. This button of course will help you to rest your call recording, finish whatever made you rest it, and when it’s all well, you resume again, it is no surprise that it will automatically continue from the same segment you left it.
  • Besides, there is also another common feature. Birthday reminders. Only this support can be enough to make your friends believe that you are a caring person. Of course when this app alerts you about the day of a person’s birth, you can never fail to wish them a good one, more reason why people like it.


  • It records video and audio Skype calls
  • It starts to record Skype calls automatically

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