Pamela was designed in four different versions that make it really stand out from the other apps. It has exciting features yet very simple. This tool offers audio and video Skype calls on only windows PC. When you download this app on the computer, and configure it quite well, it will automatically record your Skype calls. Whether incoming or outgoing, you will be amazed by how it will smoothly record them. People enjoy the benefits that come with recording Skype calls with this tool. They can configure automatic chat reply at anytime when they are in need of it and it will help to respond back to contacts who try to reach out to them in their absence. When it comes to high quality recording, it is this app that will record excellently, you will play back your files in the future and smile at how great they would be. It is like its obligation to record all Skype calls with high definition.

What is surprising and has really continued to stick out in this app, is the ability to record a custom greeting, as well as voice mail messages, besides allowing people to record their Skype calls, Pamela tool also lets you to re-watch your Skype calls and even get a chance to edit them, users can include memos or notes that would make the files appear different and more appealing.

How to use Pamela

  1. Get Pamela app from the internet and install it directly on your windows PC
  2. You will see a message asking you to click allow access, tap on it so that it works within Skype
  3. The interface is straight-forward and it will be ready to start recording your Skype calls.
  4. Now, place a call from Skype, then click the Start button to begin recording the call
  5. In addition, you click the Stop button to end it and it will appear on your computer immediately.


  • We discovered that this app will play cool sounds also known as alerting sounds during your Skype call recording to ensure that the recording is in process.
  • With the four versions it comes with, Pamela manages to allow its users to test call with some of them for example Pamela Basic & Pamela Call Recorder, and of course they support both video and audio Skype calls
  • Users can be confident enough that they would never miss any birthday alerts which make them seem updated all the time.
  • Please note, that when you are recording your Skype calls with this software, you don’t click the start button because it records automatically, unless you prefer recording them the other round.
  • This app is always active and super reliable because it also records all the Skype chats and the quality will still be perfect.
  • It comes completely clean and will not affect any of your data files when you download it on your windows PC.


  • The free versions of Pamela are limited.


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