TalkHelper call recorder for Skype is an app belonging to all different types of people in the world, the type of tool anyone can use comfortably and will not mumble about it, users with windows PC are highly favoured since it allows them to download freely and records both video and audio Skype calls with no maximum. This program is specifically for recording all your Skype calls (video & audio) with high quality. End-users of this software have no worries, as far as recording Skype calls is concerned. The app is as complete as possible when it comes to recording Skype calls, including taking Skype video frames during a Skype call to ensure there is no any loss.

Additionally, no user will be allowed to record Skype calls for more than seven days with the free trial version of TalkHelper, according to its rights. The app also has a paid version which lets you record for a life time if that’s what you want to get out of it anyways.

Features of TalkHelper

  • We are all concerned about how a Skype recorder performs, aren’t we? This TalkHelper tool couldn’t be any better, while it records your Skype calls; it ensures good high-quality of sound and picture.
  • I believe a reliable recording app should be able to record Skype calls automatically and this tool does record automatically, otherwise, i feel it is worthy to me personally, and to all users.
  • Besides recording Skype calls automatically, the app has a pause button; you can manage your recording at anytime by pausing and resuming it.


There are numerous advantages that this tool can offer to you, some of them can be summarised as seen below.


This app is will always be one of the best because it lets users to record video and audio Skype calls which is great for professionals and people who love to conduct video group calls

Voice messages

Another very important advantage about this app is the ability to record Skype voice messages.

Video messages

TalkHelper call recorder for Skype can also record Skype video messages and it keeps them well on your computer, users can access them whenever they want to use them.

Skype version

The program is compatible with all versions of Skype including the latest one (v7.34) so you have no limit on that too unless otherwise.

The benefit of recording Calls

I advise people to always record their important Skype calls, to be responsible for their actions and learn from their mistakes if it’s an interview or even just for memories.

  1. It is a privilege to record Skype calls since you can always have back-up to rely on in the future
  2. Whenever one finds themselves not understanding a lesson or a discussion during a Skype call, you can record so that you do revision later to help you focus more.
  3. Recording Skype calls also gives us something to watch in the future when we miss our families.

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