Mp3 call recorder for Skype is the software you have been searching for to record your Skype calls. It has a well designed interface that is easy to use, safe and downloads faster. This program is advanced and it will allow you to record video and audio Skype calls automatically, only windows users can install it and be able to use it for recording their Skype calls. People who want slick and smooth apps for recording Skype calls, Mp3 would perfectly do wonders for you. As you plan to record your important Skype calls, remember at the back of your mind that this app can allow you to take short notes that would help you remember some of the things you talked about. This, to me, was an indication that this tool is very reliable. My mind was aware of the recording options it provided when i was recording my Skype calls and i would use them often to utilise it really well. Therefore, i can recommend this tool to anyone.

Features of Mp3

That is not all, about Mp3 call recorder for Skype tool, this app has got much more captivating recording features and we will list them for you below;

  1. To maintain good recording results with this app, it is better to record your Skype conversations automatically as opposed to recording them manually, despite it offering both manual and automatic, but we think recording Skype calls automatically is of course much more convenient.
  2. I was left to wonder how this tool can record Skype calls secretly as you carry on with other movements, something many of you will find interesting because it gives you a chance to settle other businesses on your computer, also it will provide good high-quality.
  3. Many people would enjoy recording their Skype calls with this app because it will store their calls with mp3 format, of course they can be easily played by other players once they are save with t hat format.
  4. Also, it will be easy to look for you history when you record your Skype calls with Mp3 call recorder for Skype.
  5. Last, but not least, we do know that this Skype recording app will record your Skype calls automatically and with no fault, so you will find that you are actually happy with the whole recording experience it will offer you.


  • It does not alert you when recording Skype calls
What to consider choosing a recorder?

Consider the following:

  1. Does the app provide both video and audio call recording?

We all want to have an app that do both, so that even if you want record an interview, you are safe.

  1. Does it present an opportunity for you to capture Skype video calls?

Anyone would want to have their Skype calls captured because it tops on the memories

  1. Does it record with high-quality?

If looking for a recorder, be certain it records with high quality because that’s what counts most.

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