iFree Skype recorder is the most reliable free software you can ever think of. Many people have been disappointed through the not-so good apps available. But this program can never disappoint its users. When you are going to record your Skype calls with this app, the first thing is to understand that both users have to use video call, not just one party, because if its only you, it may not work out plus understand the windows you are using, the app works on windows 7, 2000, 2003, XP as well as Vista, now i do not expect you to do the opposite when you are going to record your Skype conversations. By the way, this app does not require configurations. You just have to begin a Skype call and it will automatically record your calls and you will find it is not complicated at all. In fact, it is easy in two ways. First of all, you do not have to click on the start button when you make a call since automatic recording is the default setting. Secondly, you are free to disable the automatic recording and just click the Start button.

You need a functional recording app, if you want proper recordings you can listen to in the future. Almost every recorder has the ability to record Skype calls. But getting a good one sometimes involves some investment. This tool is completely free like i mentioned but still comes with a paid version which offers unlimited recording, so if you think you would need the paid one more, you can certainly purchase for it.


– Whatever your reason for recording Skype calls is, this app is able to because it will record them with high quality

– Since this tool comes with a beautiful design and a simple interface, users who are not so good at computer or who are less experienced can afford to use it to record their Skype calls.

– It is during your Skype call recording that you realize this app can do more that recording, it can also trap images.

– There is careful monitoring of Skype calls while recording calls with this software and it will save audio calls in MP3 file format

– iFree call recorder for Skype strongly records all Skype calls, incoming, outgoing as well as both video and audio conversations. When you use it, you will never be afraid of anything.

– That said, you will love the idea of recording your Skype calls in various modes such as Record both sides – it means it will record your side and the other side, Only record my side – this one records only your side, and Only record remote side etc


-To have control over more features, you might need to get the paid version of this app


iFree call recorder for Skype is arguably one of the most efficient apps, should you find yourself lost of choice!, this tool is more productive when it comes to recording Skype calls than you would ever know.

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