G-Recorder has been developed to record your Skype calls and chats on windows. Both skilled and semi-skilled users can work it out because it has a simple interface that is precise, and recording Skype calls occurs naturally or automatically as soon as you begin a Skype call. This program is increasingly being used to track Skype chats as well as calls through internet. During your recording period, the tool provides you with editing options, in case you want to add anything on your recording such as notes etc. it will skilfully save your recordings on the computer as well as email for easy access if you need them. In order to keep your entire history safe, this app stores your chats in your Gmail account and you will be able to listen to them at anytime.

Frankly speaking, if you are looking for an app that can help you retrieve your Skype calls randomly, it should be G-Recorder. Much as other apps available can be reliable in recording Skype calls, this one is exclusive. However, this program has two versions, the free trial version which allows users to record for 14 days only, and the paid version, of course which will give you access to all the beautiful features and they will not have no functional limit attached to it. you will use it to record for as long as you want.

How to use G-Recorder

  1. Install G-Recorder on your windows
  2. After installation, it will display settings that you can select from
  3. These are, Send out new chats in your inbox or send out old chats in your inbox?
  4. Once you pick one, you will have to select a folder where G-Recorder will save your files.
  5. You either choose; computer only, Mail inbox, your personal Mail inbox or nothing.
  6. Select the recording quality and make a call, so the app can begin to record automatically
  7. The recording sound will start playing while you record, but you are can turn it off if at all you don’t need.

I hope this clearly shows how simple it is to use G-Recorder software to record your Skype calls and chats.

Features of G-Recorder

  • Without this app, most users would be sad and quite bothered, it’s one of a kind, that when it records your Skype chats, it as well makes certain to back them up on your email, you can never loss any data while using it.
  • It makes it easy for you to even search for your Skype chats at anytime
  • G-Recorder is credited for allowing users to access their chats at anytime as long as they are connected to the internet.
  • The tool is good at privacy; other people would never access your files unless you give them your email username and password to login. That’s the only way other people would read your chats.

In conclusion, G-Recorder may be the first consideration for recording your Skype calls and chats, but it does not support video Skype calls.

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