Evaer: Good if you want the most user-friendly app possible. It is compatible with windows, and therefore super efficient. It records both video and audio Skype calls and its sound quality makes it a step above that a lot of more expensive apps fail to match. This software actively captures Skype video calls while recording and it does this perfectly. It can also allow you to preview the ongoing call while recording as you monitor noise, of which then can be edited out before you save the video. It’s quite clear this tool got a simple interface, lightweight, plus it’s detailed, smooth and very easy to install and easy one to recommend.

It is a great tool and will offer fantastic features that get you excited to record calls all the time. You may have heard of how it lets you to screen share, ohh yeah, it surely does, during your Skype call recording, you can share screens and there won’t be any difficulty doing it. A lot of people will tell you to get an app that can save your Skype video calls with Mp4 or AVI format. We would have too, not until Evaer came along.

How to use Evaer

  • Browse for Evaer app and install in on your windows
  • After it installs, first restart your Skype so that it connects
  • Immediately, you are through, you will have access to make a call
  • And after making the call, the app will start to record automatically.
  • You should see a pause button and stop button which will be of great help
  • Also, there are modes you can choose from while recording your video such as Remote webcam only, Local webcam only, Picture in Picture, separate files or side by side

Advantages of Evaer

  • Amazingly, this app can record video and audio Skype calls with good quality sound.
  • This app solved the problem of sharing files during Skype calls, now users can share files be it music or games etc
  • The desire for recording Skype calls automatically or manually is at your hand, you are free to change the settings the way you want. If you want to record automatically, you tick the box, if you want to record manually, you un tick the box and you will be good to go with manual recording
  • This program also gives a good visual impression also known as the interface.
  • The app is amazing, simply because it occupies limited space on your windows Pc, i know most people would be afraid to download some apps on their computer because they hate it when their machines are full; hence this tool is the opposite.

Disadvantages of Evaer

  • Evaer does not come with a notification sound.


This app attempts to provide reliable, modern and up to-date features, it is upon you to record your Skype calls the way you would wish to, Evaer is here to fulfil your Skype recording dreams anyway.

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