Dvdvideosoft free Skype video recorder is a free program that can record Skype calls on windows. The app has captivated the thoughts of many users because it is dependable and handy, everybody wants a Skype recorder tool now because that is the way to go, recording Skype calls and keeping files that we can refer to in the future, making each aspect of our daily lives more simpler every other day. This program is specifically for those who enjoy recording almost every Skype call, and those that want high quality outcome. It can record both video and audio Skype calls; it also comes with a pause button that you can press in the middle of your call. If you want to turn your life from boring to happiness and never want to miss out on recording your Skype conversations, then you had better install this app. It was simply designed to record Skype calls all day.

This app provides different recording modes for example picture-in-picture etc it also includes a start button – helps you to start your Skype call recording, pause button – helps you to pause your call, and the Stop button – helps you to end the Skype call, these buttons are there to help you engage yourself while recording your call since it cannot record automatically. In addition, whether you want to record professional calls or personal calls, this app will still serve you the best.

How to use

  • Go to Dvdvideosoft website and download the app
  • Immediately it installs on your PC, launch it to start running in Skype
  • Click on the app to open, and you will notice that it’s direct as it has only 3 buttons like i mentioned earlier.
  • You will see recording modes on the interface, so you select one
  • After you select the mode, you place a call and click on the Start button so that the app can record your Skype call.
  • When you record and now want to end your Skype call recording, you just take a single click on the Stop button and the recording will end immediately. Then it will store the files in the output folder
  • To playback the previous files, you click on the same folder you stored your files in and it should be able to play.

How simple can that ever get, really? This app has no short cuts whatsoever, what you see when you download / install it, is exactly what you get. So you can all go ahead to install it on your windows PC because you will not find a rough time.


  • There are two sure things with this recorder software; audio and video Skype call recording for free, imagine that.
  • This recording app also has features like storing calls individually, Audio calls in MP3 and video Skype calls in MP4 etc
  • It allows users to record sides of their Skype call, the caller’s side as well as the other party on the call.

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