DeskPDF Studio XE Review

Of course, Deskpdf as one of top PDF converter doesn’t overwhelm you with its feature set, but the program doesn’t cost much, and its own single dialog box contains a Zen-like minimalist that no other application can adapt to. But, if you’re like most users, Deskpdf gives you everything you need. This company and all of their software are bad. I purchased Docudesk a year or so ago (they assumed the top of the line merchandise), and it comes with a guarantee that if they update their apps, I will be able to get their latest features … A lie! I recently wanted to update the hope of fixing some bugs, but apparently they have a new field of software for the PDF Studio Xenon, also decided they will no longer provide any service to the past products (including my purchase). Considering that their software is really not very expensive, I tried to give them a second chance to see if their new area of application was better so I downloaded a free trial for 30 days.


It’s not better! The biggest problem is that they do not read the PDF has been marked/annotated by Adobe Acrobat. OCR does not scan the protected PDF in 1 steps. We have an advanced HP network scanner that works on many PCs on our corporate network. This interface is hard and supports no process (step) data. Update: Click on software support to get cash back, try different use OCR to convert Excel Options-Any Excel output signal is completely useless. After spending 3 hours, I have graphic editing software to flush and crop the document. It doesn’t work like an ad. If your PDF document is protected to any extent, it will not be able to perform the task. In this event, OCR has nothing but a pure column, but it does not work. Then convert to Excel using exactly the same PDF (the table is obvious) The converter means that there are no columns to convert and fail. Scanned OCR backup can be converted to text-but of course, most of the format to get the column is flush, is there any way to give the company 0? My merchandise never worked properly for the first two weeks and the program has been asking me to trigger the project. After each request, I will cut and paste the key that came with the download. This is not workable. I also typed it in. No luck. I compensated for the item and contacted me for Docudesk and informed support issues that I was experiencing, which was about two weeks after I purchased the product. Docudesk support requires me to provide a screenshot of the screen I’m shipping it. No reply. I also sent a Docudesk purchase certificate and asked for a refund. After two weeks, it now says that my probation period has expired. No refunds. What the. Docudesk basically stole my money! From now on, I am the guru of Adobe. This may be a business driven by the business! I’ve been using the Docudesk program for years and really satisfied. This is actually the first time I want customer service, because they provide to a Canadian company, the support is terrible! I only ask to transfer my driver’s license to another computer. I send it in advance via email to verify the move process. It took two days to respond and tell me that I had to get them again after the computer was set up and run. I have now contacted their service email two times without any response. This is not acceptable. If I could give them 0 stars, I would.

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