Amolto call recorder is also credited especially, for the well organized work as well as high quality Skype calls. This is because we observed that it does more than just recording Skype conversations. Through observation, we also established that the app is only compatible with windows Vista or newer; it can never work on Mac or Linux. This program does not require the user any configurations to start recording since it is straight-forward once you install it on your windows, the only thing that would involve your hand in setting it up is to click allow access, so that it can start working from Skype.

This software attracts different people for example Professionals who are interested in recording conferences and interviews. Users have always been appreciative of this app because it can record both video and audio Skype conversations which are a great thing. Recording calls can be greatly improved with this app because it allows you to play around with the lighting during your recording session and also saves the Skype video calls in High Definition. This is very attractive especially to people who prefer recording Skype videos calls to audios.

Lastly, the most important part about Amolto, it provides recording history. It is a good thing to have history because it helps users to play the same files sometime in the future. Personally, i always find myself playing back the files of people i miss; it kind of makes me feel better every time i do so.

How to use Amolto

  • Download Amolto call recorder on your device
  • After, simply install it
  • You will receive a message begging you to click Allow access
  • Configure the software & that act will give it authority
  • Try to make a Skype call and the app will begin to record automatically
  • When you are recording, you see two options, automatic or manual
  • You select what is convenient for you
  • Press Stop button when you are through


  • Amolto call recorder for Skype is free from adware and spyware
  • It has 32 and 64 bit-rate
  • This tool allows you to have both Skype calls recorded; video and audio calls
  • It is user-friendly and easy to install
  • Also, this app records automatically all Skype calls
  • It can record other VoIP calls
  • It is free to download from its official website
  • The app is compatible with windows.
Asking yourself why you need to record calls?

Recording Skype conversations is a vital method to collect data which could be of use in the future.


In conclusion, Amolto call recorder for Skype has a great potential to record your Skype conversations. It’s referred to as one of the best recording apps because it particularly has everything to help you make your recording a success. But recording endlessly will depend on the version you will use, the free trial version of Amolto is limited whereas the premium version is lifetime.

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