Best PDF converters for Windows

There are numerous PDF readers that one comes across on the internet. However, sometimes people are faced with situations where they have to convert PDF’s to other formats such as word or other forms of texts. Getting the right tool for PDF converter is challenging in a pool where thousands of software exist for the same purpose. Going through the available PDF converters is time consuming and boring that one can give up before they get what they are looking for.

To save you the hustle for getting the right tool, we have gathered seven of the best PDF converters for windows to give you an easy time. In addition, we have also selected ones that are easy to use among the many that are available for downloading. Some of the features to look out for include a software that gives you the freedom to convert all sorts of PDF files including, password protected, scanned, file-native to an editable form in word, excel, images among others. Let us take a look at the seven top PDF converters that you can try out.

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF Converter

TalkHelper PDF converter: tops the list as one of the best PDF converters there is in the tech world. It incorporates almost all the features that you get with most converters and is simple to use. To begin with, it allows the user to convert PDF files to multiple file formats such as DOC, JPG, HTML, DOCX, PNG and many more depending on what you need. The most important thing in any software is the user interface as it determines whether you get a difficult or an easy time when using an application or a program. With TalkHelper, you enjoy using a simple interface that is easy to navigate making it the ideal tool for professionals and students.

Another feature that makes it stand out is its ability to convert multiple PDF files within a short period of time. In addition, you can also select the part of the PDF that you want to be converted. The PDF converter software allows for the converted files to retain their original format which saves time for the user as they don’t have to use their time in editing the documents.

The security feature on the software allows one to protect their documents from any alteration. One can also add their signature on a document without the need of sophisticated gadgets to do so. Upon downloading it, you get a few days for the free trial and you later have to pay close to $30 for the pro version. The price is relatively affordable compared to the benefits that you get with the PDF converter.

Foxit Phantom PDF Standard

Foxit Phantom PDF

Foxit Phantom PDF Standard is a powerful tool that allows for the creating and viewing of PDFs.  The tool is compatible with Windows 7, 8 and 10 which is generally what most users have. It provides numerous ways to convert PDFs with options of powerpoint, word, images, excel among others.

Foxit can also create PDF files easily.  Additional features with the software is that one can add a digital signature on a document which normally relies on sophisticated hardware. With the tool you can put security measures on your document such as restricting access to some files. In addition to the numerous benefits provided, Foxit Phantom PDF Standard allows one to merge PDFs in addition to scanning image-based files and editing them. The tool provides numerous benefits which gives it a market advantage.

Downloading is easy and the user gets to pay $7.99 per month which is relatively cheap compared to the benefits one gets after downloading the PDF converter. The best deal with the standard version is that it incorporates almost all features that one can get in the business version which is slightly expensive. In addition, the interface is easy to use as all the features are located at the top of the page and does not, therefore, require sophistication. Finally, once a user downloads the PDF converter software, they can highlight or annotate a page which is a cool feature.

Nitro Pro


Nitro Pro is yet another PDF converter software worth trying. It comes with numerous features that allows a user to create, edit, collaborate, annotate and easily share PDFs. In addition, one can also convert Excel and Word files into PDFs and reverse them back to their original forms.

The good news is that you don’t need additional drivers to have ease when using the tool. Some of the best features with the PDF converter include an interface that resembles the Microsoft design. The ribbon allows for easy access to editing features and other useful shortcuts that helps when one is converting a document from one form to another.  The performance of Nitro Pro is pretty impressive as it enables the conversion of numerous documents at the same time owing to its batch converter.

Other features that makes it the best converter tool is that file sharing is easy and other users can edit and comment or make changes in the files. In addition, the new Nitro Pro can save documents to Google Drive, DropBox, and other cloud storage devices. Nitro Pro is available online and the user gets a free trial version for the first two weeks of usage and later gets to purchase a license for 159.9 every year. Finally you can easily put your signature on a PDF or secure your document from any editing. The above stated features make it one of the good PDF converter software.

DeskPDF Studio XE


DeskPDF Studio XE is an ideal tool for PDF conversion. Though complex compared to most PDF converter software, it is easy to learn and bears similar characteristics as Adobe Acrobat Reader. Some of its main features include sharing, editing, and creating PDFs. In addition, it can be used for conversions between formats such as HTML, JPEG, Excel and Microsoft Word. The PDF converter allows one to generate PDFs from different file formats.

The interface that one gets with the software is easy to use and self-explanatory. For instance, the menu has the most used commands for editing features attachment, search, and highlight tools among many more that enable the user to navigate easily.

Other properties of the application include, inserting and re-arranging PDF pages, merging different files and extract some sheets to a new file. Something that makes DeskPDF Studio XE stand out is that you can encrypt your files and send them to friends without worrying that they may get into the wrong hands.

Additionally, it is possible to add watermarks or letterheads on your document. The software is created to serve professionals by providing efficient and quick ways to generate PDFs, convert files between PDFs and edit existing documents. Amidst some of its complexities, it is one of the best PDF converters in the market.

PDFMate PDF Converter


PDFMate PDF Converter is a free software that is simple and easy to use. it allows the user to convert PDFs to numerous formats which lets you edit or make changes to the original document. It accurately converts PDFs to six other file formats which are text, EBUP, HTML, SWF, Word, and JPG/JPEG files.

The variety presented incorporates most of the file formats that users may want to have. With the free PDF converter, you can choose to convert all the content of a PDF or specific content from the original document. Another exciting feature is that one can convert a batch of PDFs to other file formats. The process of batch conversion is simple and easy to follow.

In the event that you encounter a challenge when using the tool, you can choose to use the built-in help guide that enables you to understand the steps to take during PDF conversion. The user interface is friendly and offers various conversion friendly options that enable one to finish their work faster. Even after conversion, the quality of the converted PDF files is high preserving the quality of the original files. It is multi languages supported making it the top PDF converter too because it is free.

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WPS PDF Converter


The WPS PDF converter is a simple office software that enables one to convert PDF to word files. In addition, it has numerous features that can be used for editing PDF files making it one of the best PDF converters in the tech world. Some of its outstanding features are its ability to retain the original document format even after conversion. This is an important feature as it saves time since most PDF convertors alter the formats giving the user a difficult time for editing the converted documents.

Another awesome feature is that the software can merge or split PDF pages depending on your need. Just like what anyone would need for PDF conversion, WPS supports a wide range of output such as native DOC, MS word-DOCX, MS word DOC etc. This gives you a wide variety of options to choose from without giving you any limitations. The unique aspect about the PDF word converter is that it allows both Android and Microsoft users to convert files.

This means that you can still convert your documents on your mobile phone in the event that you don’t have your PC around. The WPS converter compatible with Android phones is free of charge while an office suite exists and is available on several licensing programs.

Icecream PDF converter


The word Icecream PDF converter stands out from most software as it is a less serious word compared to others. Just like the name suggests, it is a simple and fast conversion tool that has incorporated numerous and outstanding features making top the list of the best PDF converter software. Some of the top features that you get include, conversion of files formats such as BMP, ODT, DOCX, HTML, EBUP, TIFF, DOC, PNG, JPEG and many more to PDF. In addition, it can convert PDFs to ODT, DOC, JPG, BMP, JPG, TIFF and more that are supported by the program.

Another benefit that one gets with the PDF conversion tool is that is that adding files to the converter is pretty simple. You can choose the drag and drop option which is simple and easy. The filter option allows you to view all the files that are supported by the program, you can also remove each added file or opt to remove the entire queue with a single hit. Splitting and merging files are options that are available on the software.

The downside of the software is that conversion of many files takes a longer period of time than when one is converting fewer files.  The interface has been created to support several languages making it more of a universal software for windows. The most amazing feature is that Icecream PDF converter has an amazing graphic user interface which encourages first-time users to engage with the software.


There are a number of PDF converters that one can get on the internet. However, finding the most suitable tool for your needs can be rather tasking and difficult. Nevertheless, the ones stated above are expected to give you an easy time as they incorporate top features and are easy to use. I would, however, recommend the TalkHelper PDF converter, Nitro Pro, and Foxit Phantom PDF standard converter. The three are top performers and have features that incorporate what a user needs most. This is not to say that the rest are not worth trying as they fall in the top seven best category meaning that they too have something to offer to a user.

A PDF converter that serves your needs with ease is ideal and will give you an easy time when working with it. Since most of them offer a trial period which is free, you can take advantage of the opportunity to figure out which PDF converter works for you. Since going through all available software may be time consuming, you can choose to settle for the seven listed above. My guess is that you will land on the good PDF converter before you even finish trying out all of them.